3 Traits Every Affordable Photographer Should Have

With prices going up nowadays, it’s inevitable for people to go for affordable ones. This holds true for soon-to-be-wedded couples who are in a tight budget. Imagine the loads of details they have to endure and pay. It’s of no wonder they are inclined to be getting those suppliers who present the lowest rate. Most famous to do this are those wedding photographers. The competition for them is tough as they are already many of them presenting budget-friendly rates. In a sea of these photographers, how can you separate the good and the bad? Check out these three (3) traits every affordable photographer should have: 

Trait 1- Creativity and Imagination 

To compensate what they lack in equipment, they should be highly imaginative when it comes to their shots. Because after all, photography is an art form. S/he must have the ability to interpret even the most mundane of scenes in a thousand different ways. This can be achieved through experimenting on composition. Basic rules shouldn’t control them to do such. At times, the most magical photos came from the minds who went out of the box. Formal training couldn’t fill the need for creativity. S/he must be patient in sparking the creative juices through whatever means like a walk in the park.   

Trait 2- Detail-oriented 

It is inherent for photographers to be knowledgeable with all elements that consist of a photograph. These are lighting; composition; storytelling; and emotion. With the effort to know all of them comes the pressure of balancing in order to convey a message that is both endearing and impactful. The trained eye of a photographer saves him from a sea of amateurs with high rates. Her/his eyes that can tell whether the photo is cohesive or not by scrutinizing it, even the tiniest details. This is how meticulous a photographer could be.  

Trait 3- Good Interpersonal Skills 

Like all other jobs that need human interaction, photographers are required to do good rapport to her/his clients, colleagues, and the people at large.  

On the aspect of the client relationship, the photographer must be pleasant in explaining her/his services. The affordable rate may already be a strong factor, but still, it is the positive disposition of the photographer that would make her/him get the job. When s/he gets the job, positive disposition should still be applied through interaction with the subject. The most magical of smiles will be captured once there will be a connection between the subject and the photographer. If the wedding photographer has achieved this, s/he will definitely get referrals and shall be known as that nice person who takes nice pictures. That’s a good consistency right there! 


On the aspect of colleague relationship, the photographer must be amicable enough to do networking with her/his fellow photographers. This involves the sharing of best practices and techniques in photography, especially ones that do not necessarily need money. Other photographers would only want to share valuable knowledge with someone who is nice. The good attitude then is the ticket to these capacity building opportunities.